July 15, 2024
Dogecoin DOGE price


DOGE The Dogecoin network is on a roll after a particularly disappointing performance leading up to the end of January. Usage on the network is beginning to pick up once more after the price made its way above $0.08. New adoption saw the highest spikes, as almost 1 million new DOGE wallets were created in a 7-day period.

890,000 New Dogecoin Wallets In One Week

According to data from the on-chain analytics platform, IntoTheBlock, the number of new addresses created on the Dogecoin network spiked significantly in the last seven days of January. The total number of new addresses created during this one-week period came out to a total of 890,000. However, the most interesting part is the spike that took place between January 28 and 29.

In the screenshot shared by IntoTheBlock on X (formerly Twitter), we can see that the majority of new wallets creation happened in a single day. The daily wallet creation went from an average of 60,000 leading up to January 28, and by January 29, around 240,000 new wallets were created in a single day.

The next day would see a slight decline from these 2024 highs. But by January 31, the numbers picked up once more. During this time, another 200,000 DOGE wallets were created in a single day, accounting for one of the largest spikes in new wallets on the network.

IntoTheBlock offered a possible explanation for the spike in new wallets which could be related to an increased interest in Doginals. Doom, a highly anticipated project, was launched on the Dogecoin blockchain, contributing to the spike. The on-chain tracker also added that “the rumors of Xpayments could be driving new users to Dogecoin.”

Dogecoin price chart from Tradingview.com

DOGE bulls fail to hold $0.08 support | Source: DOGEUSDT on Tradingview.com

Machine Learning Algorithm Not Convinced On DOGE Price

Despite the increased interest in the Dogecoin network over the last week, the outlook for its native DOGE coin is still not favorable, according to the machine learning algorithm at CoinCodex. The algorithm has presented the likely movements of the DOGE price over the next few days to the next month, and they are far from bullish.

For the nearest term, the CoinCodex machine learning algorithm expects that there will be a small increase in price over the next five days, with an expected 1.54% rise. However, looking out in the long term, the algorithm expects a change in this positive momentum.

Over the next month, the AI expects that there will be an around 11.13% drop in price from the current levels. This would put the DOGE price at $0.071, pointing to the current sentiment toward the meme coin being rather bearish for now.

Nevertheless, Dogecoin is still holding on to its small gains of 0.7% over the last day, while maintaining its position as the 10th-largest cryptocurrency in the space with a market cap of $11.37 billion.

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